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Thrilling Profile: The Mad Hatter

Mad Hatter #2 cover
The Mad Hatter #2

Today’s reveal is yet another member of The Liberty Brigade — this time, it is The Mad Hatter. The Mad Hatter appeared in two issues of The Mad Hatter published by O.W. Comics in 1946. The Mad Hatter was the Swift Agent of Justice and Relentless Enemy of Crime.

By day, he was Grant Richmond, a junior partner at a law firm but, by night, he was the Mad Hatter, striking fear into the hearts of criminals. He had some colorful villains in his two appearances including the Gargoyle and Humpty Dumpty.

Well, it has been 70 years, but, at last, the Mad Hatter fights again!!! You can find him alongside the Blue Flame and other heroes in The Liberty Brigade — coming to Kickstarter on August 1

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