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The Heroes of the 1940s Fight Again!

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Yes, the heroes of the 1940s are returning in an all-new adventure. Be thrilled to see heroes from Nedor, Quality, Fawcett, Ace and other publishers as they once again fight for freedom.

We’ve got a super team of creators including artists and inkers that have worked for Marvel, DC and other companies all coming together to tell this titantic tale of yesteryear.

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Latest News from Thrilling Nostalgia

The Liberty Brigade Kickstarter is LIVE!

Hi, I’m Michael Finn and along with comic creators Ron Frenz and Barry Kitson (our pencilers), Mark Waid (our editor) and a host of other comic creators, we are making an original 100+ page graphic novel in full color featuring dozens of super-heroes and villains from Comic’s Golden Age, the 1940s and 1950s.

Countdown to Kickstarter – Day 3

Presenting Some of the Groups that will be appearing in The Liberty Brigade starting with The Liberty Brigade itself – some teams are just cameos but lets see what happens in future issues…

Countdown to Kickstarter – Day 4

FOUR days until The Liberty Brigade Kickstarter goes live — follow us on Thrilling Nostalgia Comics on Facebook or at In addition to the 80+ page main story with Ron Frenz and Barry Kitson art, we have over TWENTY 1-page origins of heroes of the Golden Age illustrated by amazing artists including George Perez,…

Countdown to Kickstarter- Day 5

Five Days until The Liberty Brigade Kickstarter goes live! Today’s sneak preview is from one of the more than 20 one-page origins we have from various artists — here is a clip from the origin of The Green Turtle. Please follow us (Thrilling Nostalgia Comics on FB) and please, please support and back the book…

Countdown to Kickstarter – Day 6

Here is a preview of amazing art from Ron Frenz from The Liberty Brigade Graphic Novel — pencils by Ron, inks by Joe Rubinstein and colors by Chris Ivy. Just six days until we LAUNCH on Kickstarter.

Countdown to Kickstarter – Day 7

Seven Days to the launch of our Kickstarter — here is what we are showing today — guesses on the two characters? Art by Jason Metcalf and colors by Chris Ivy…

Countdown to Kickstarter – Day 8

Just eight Days until the launch of The Liberty Brigade Kickstarter and we have a “retro” ad by Marty Baumann of Toybox Time Machine fame…  

Countdown to Kickstarter – Day 9

Nine days away from the launch of The Liberty Brigade Kickstarter and Cat-Man looks like he is ready to go 12 rounds with The Rat. She is awfully fast though How will he do?

Countdown to Kickstarter – Day 10

Ok folks, we are just 10 days away from the Kickstarter of The Liberty Brigade with art by Ron Frenz and Barry Kitson — over 80 pages of it!!! Plus contributions from George Perez, Alan Davis, Mark Buckingham and so many, many more. Each day we will have a preview. First up, a pin-up of…

Kickstarter and Zero issue update

The Kickstarter is going live on September 21 — we have a special Zero issue going on sale at Baltimore Comic Con — cover by Barry Kitson, interiors by Garrie Gastonny and inks by Joseph Rubinstein along with some preview pages from Ron Frenz and Joe Rubinstein. And, don’t worry, for those who want it,…

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