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Thrilling Profile: Cat-Man

Cat Man Comics #8
Cat Man Comics #8

The third member of The Liberty Brigade is probably the best known public domain character on the team, Cat-Man. He debuted in Crash Comics Adventures #4 (1940).

Sadly, he will be MIA for much of the comic book – why? Sign up for our mailing list  and buy the book on Kickstarter on August 1st.

For those who don’t know, David Merrywether grew up in Burma and was raised by a tigress after his parent’s death. After living with tigers for years, he gained extraordinary abilities, such as super-strength, agility, night vision and, of course, the 9 lives of cats. Returning the to USA, he determined to fight crime and anyone who would harm the innocent. Thus, he was reborn as the Cat-Man.

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